Modern diagnostic tests performed on the best quality equipment are our hallmark. In principle, from the beginning of our activity, we focus on providing ourselves and patients with the opportunity to work and also use only unique and the best equipment.

X-ray examinations  

X-ray is an imaging technique that is (a completely safe and non-invasive way) a radiological examination. The study enables indication of possible deficiencies or irregularities in the context of the structure and structure of the transplanted organ.

Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound is extremely popular and has a wide range of applications for diagnostics. It consists in performing visual control of the body, has no invasive features, its operation is defined as completely safe for the body, besides, no contraindications to its practice were found, even at short intervals.

Computed Tomography  

CT examination is a specialist study that illustrates the area using ionizing radiation. It has a wide application in medicine, both in the case of various types of injuries, as well as sudden inflammation and more, and besides, it can also be performed due to the previously planned research or consultations.


The study generally is not the most pleasant, mainly due to the specific form of the course. It’s based on the introduction of a speculum in the anus, in order to see the entire colon. The study uses a videoconoscope (its length ranges from 130-200 cm), which thanks to its advanced technology, allows you to accurately examine the inside of the digestive tract, on a colour monitor, in an appropriate approximation. The activity is performed to assess the condition of the surface of the colon mucosa. Under no circumstances should you forget to report to your doctor all information about your current state of health and your illness. Particular emphasis is put on information from people suffering from diabetes, because in this case, the test should be done in the morning. Also people suffering from glaucoma, hypertension, dyspnea, ischemic heart disease, cancer, pregnant women, currently menstruating - they should remember to immediately provide this information to the doctor.


Gastroscopy is, contrary to appearances, very popular in people of all ages. It allows you to directly view the structure of the stomach, pyloric and duodenal mucosa. This type of examination is carried out using a flexible endoscope equipped with a video path (thanks to which it’s possible to assess the condition of the mucosa, collect small sections of tissue with features of lesions, for further examination).


Mammography is a must for every woman, at least once a year. It’s a radiological examination of the breast and it consists of performing a series of photographs of the gland using X-rays. The study is very necessary, because it allows to detect even the smallest lesion in the era of a huge wave of breast cancer.

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Family health council in New York was established in 2001 as a non-public Health Care Centre under the name Family Care Centre. It’s impossible to disregard the fact that it was the first such specialized institution in the area. Thanks to an excellent team of world-class specialists, we have the possibility of continuous development, as well as constantly increasing the level of services provided by us. Our priority is to provide the best quality diagnostic base and a safe space in which patients will feel comfortable.