Workshops and lectures with a dietician

We meet your expectations - combining pleasant with useful! Our clinic organizes annual workshops since 2005, combined with lectures and medical consultations, with the participation of world-class dieticians and specialists (e.g. cardiologists and diabetologists).

Very often we do not realize that the way of eating, as well as the lifestyle (addictions, level of physical activity, attitude), have a significant impact on our entire health, and especially on the functioning of internal organs and the formation of various types of diseases. Our weight, as well as the products that we host in the diet every day, are not without significance – quite the opposite! The type of diet greatly affects the sense of self-confidence, mood, and even breath, or the type of sweat secreted. The role of diabetologists and cardiologists is not without significance, because thanks to them, you will learn how big influence the weight of your body has, as well as what you eat - the condition in which your heart is located and what are the mechanisms of its functioning in such circumstances, you will also have the opportunity to examine your sugar level and learn more about the content of harmful substances (e.g. simple sugars) in food. These workshops were created for people who want to fully take control of their own lives and their derivatives, wanting to live healthy and rationally. We will show you how to cook and create wholesome and delicious alternatives to your favourite desserts or fast-food dishes.

Join our team and change your everyday life for the better! Admission is completely free, the only thing you have to do is register in our online system or by phone, as the number of places is limited.

The workshop will take place on June 15-19, and the exact place and comprehensive schedule of our meetings will be sent to you in an e-mail, text message or by phone. Thanks to the fact that you share your experiences with us, we can actively participate in your change or be its beginning - we gain pride and mobilization to continue working and to develop.

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Family health council in New York was established in 2001 as a non-public Health Care Centre under the name Family Care Centre. It’s impossible to disregard the fact that it was the first such specialized institution in the area. Thanks to an excellent team of world-class specialists, we have the possibility of continuous development, as well as constantly increasing the level of services provided by us. Our priority is to provide the best quality diagnostic base and a safe space in which patients will feel comfortable.