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In our clinic you can perform a completely free hearing test, which will allow you to detect the slightest irregularities and quickly correct the problem. What's important - to come to such a study, you do not need to have any referral, all you need is your willingness and commitment. It’s recommended that this type of diagnostics should be carried out at least once a year, due to the rather overwhelming number of unfavourable factors that surround us every day. In order to avoid queues, as well as extended waiting time, we suggest that you make an appointment that is most suitable for you, we can guarantee that your examination will start on time. This kind of procedure greatly facilitates our work, because we can carefully plan our working time so as to devote our attention to our patients without unnecessary haste and a multitude of duties. Hearing test is important because this sense accompanies us throughout our lives and is present in every aspect of it. The aim of the diagnosis is to verify the degree of hearing loss, which is formed gradually and is initially quite unnoticeable. It’s known that the best solution will be to start treatment immediately and there is a chance to regain full efficiency, but to make it happen, you need to recognize the existing loss as soon as possible. The age at which such research should be carried out is an individual matter. It’s recommended that this type of test should be done by people over 50, due to the aging changes that have occurred in their bodies, while younger people, especially children and adolescents - should also go for a hearing check, due to the life they lead. If you like us - you care about your health - and you want to verify the state of your hearing, as well as obtain more information about possible prevention, we invite you to our clinic every Monday (10am-6pm).

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Family health council in New York was established in 2001 as a non-public Health Care Centre under the name Family Care Centre. It’s impossible to disregard the fact that it was the first such specialized institution in the area. Thanks to an excellent team of world-class specialists, we have the possibility of continuous development, as well as constantly increasing the level of services provided by us. Our priority is to provide the best quality diagnostic base and a safe space in which patients will feel comfortable.