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Sport is an inseparable part of most of us lives. As you know, physical activity, significantly affects our physical and mental health, above all is the ideal internal and external stabilizer and the guarantor of a great figure. Our clinic realises sport subject in the context of the extremely widely developed field of sports medicine, which undoubtedly became one of our specialties. As a non-public Health Care Centre, we offer you a set of packages that you can use if you want to start playing sports or you are already an active athlete.

Thanks to our services, check the condition and parameters of your body, examine your abilities, control the work of your heart and other internal organs, you will be able to compare your effects (sport is a wonderful medicine).

In the Basic package, proposed for beginners, you will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive visit to the cardiologist, which is extremely important in the context of, for example, running or cardio training, where your heart rate is clearly raised.

The Standard Package - apart from visiting a specialist, it’s also a stress test and heart echo, whereas in the PRO package, you will find all the things included in the Standard package and you will also receive a test for an ‘athlete's booklet’, Holter EKG and RR (very needed and important in if you want to avoid sudden accidents, e.g. congestion).

We also give a unique opportunity to create an individual package, which - firstly - will be fully adapted to your needs and expectations, and secondly - meet the requirements that you expect from it. In addition, you can also perform ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity and ECG. When practicing sports, it’s worth controlling your body, because the awareness of the state of health and the possibilities that our body is capable of playing a key role here and definitely should not be omitted. What's more - thanks to the use of our services, you will be simply calmer, knowing that nothing bad is happening that could put you in a state of anxiety.

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Family health council in New York was established in 2001 as a non-public Health Care Centre under the name Family Care Centre. It’s impossible to disregard the fact that it was the first such specialized institution in the area. Thanks to an excellent team of world-class specialists, we have the possibility of continuous development, as well as constantly increasing the level of services provided by us. Our priority is to provide the best quality diagnostic base and a safe space in which patients will feel comfortable.